Alicia has over 13 years of experience in helping students & parents navigate the process of researching, applying and paying for college. Switching majors & transferring schools can cost families thousands of extra dollars! Make an educated decision based on thorough research & planning. This service isn’t just for juniors and seniors! Get expert advice on what your teen needs to be doing during each year of high school in order to have as many opportunities as possible following graduation. Starting early will save stress and likely provide greater opportunities.

Services offered to students & families:

• Narrowing career direction and college major choice

• Researching colleges of interest and comparing the admissions requirements as well as pros and cons

• Creating a resume for scholarships, college applications and jobs

• Preparing for & evaluating a college visit

• Brainstorming & proofreading college applications and essays

• Preparing and practicing for interviews

• Understanding & preparing for college entrance exams- SAT, ACT, AP

• Understanding & completing the financial aid process (completing the FAFSA, researching & applying for scholarships)

• Creating a roadmap for the high school years- what to do when!

• Learning how to be successful on the college campus- safety, time management, locating resources, etc.

There is an initial registration fee of $100 to begin college planning services.

The registration fee covers:

  • A personalized college planning notebook that the student can use to organize key documents and research. The notebook includes several initial college planning documents and will also be a great place to keep the many resources given throughout the process. The notebook includes a year-to-year checklist to help guide the student and family.
  • A transcript analysis with advice on current and future high school courses
  • Unlimited access to email Alicia anytime throughout the remainder of the high school and college career
  • The personalized research that is done for each student and family, which ensures guidance and concrete steps that will allow the student to work toward his or her individual goals
  • Newsletters composed throughout the senior year, which contain links to many different national and local scholarships as well as advice on important dates and tasks
  • Benchmark updates as needed to ensure that parents are informed of their child’s progress and needs 

For each college planning session, the rate is $80 per 50 minute session. This makes the first session $180 ($100 registration fee + $80 for the session) and any additional session is $80.  Many college planners require a very large initial one-time payment or require the student to meet a certain number of sessions. Alicia prefers to charge by the session. Frequency of sessions are completely up to the student and family, with respect to budget and needs.